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Rodic's Chicken

Published on 2017-01-29

I was jogging at Acad Oval in UP Diliman one day. To past time, I thought about where to eat after the run. I decided I was taking out tapsilog from Rodic's after my second loop.

After ordering my tapsilog, I noticed an unfamiliar sight inside the glass container on the counter.

"Ate, magkano yung chicken?"

The girl taking orders replied while pointing at a big poster, "99 po yung package deal."

The package deal comes with a fried quarter chicken, macaroni salad siding and a small bottle of coke.

"Hmm... Maybe I can have the tapsilog for dinner and eat this first."

"Sige ate, pa-take-out din nung chicken."

Ate it as soon as I got back home. Tastes like homemade Chickenjoy. For 99 pesos, it was a steal!