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Published on 2015-02-19


I just recently heard news about pRO closing down and it made me very nostalgic.

One weekend, I was borrowing my aunt’s dial-up internet card to try out my new modem when she showed me a CD. It was bundled with the card. She said it was a game so I immediately examined it. The cover had a background of an anime looking city. I got very intrigued and tried installing it. I had no space left in my drive unfortunately. Believe it or not, I only had 1.5gb of hdd space back then.

Monday came and I told my friends in class about the game. One of them already knew about it and said there was a computer shop around that had it. We went there after classes. That was the first day I played Ragnarok. I can’t remember the name I gave my character but it was something related to magic. But I ended up first in Payon which is the archer village.

Entering Ragnarok’s world for the first time was a unique experience. Kind of like how I first surfed the web. I was so used to playing games that were limited to 2-4 players. I couldn’t believe at first that the characters I was bumping into inside the game were also people playing (well… until bots came :P). I got hooked and got hooked hard. I spent most of my lunch money on play time cards and computer rent.

I remade the first character I created. I eventually became a wizard and was the first guy in our class to reach second job. But I messed up my stats and skills w/c made it hard for me to continue leveling. I moved to different servers but mostly stayed in Iris then back to Chaos. I had a 70+ priest named “Saecred” in Iris before going back to Chaos to create another wizard with the lame ass girly name: “bluetenshi”. I got him to become a high wizard before I quit.

I spent a big chunk of my highschool years playing this game. And I sometimes think about how my life would be if I didn’t play Ragnarok. I don’t completely regret it though. I think I’ve gained some valuable experiences and even skills from it:

I eventually stopped playing a while after my friends did. The next multiplayer game I played (yep you guessed right) was DOTA. But I wasn’t as invested on it than with Ragnarok. Not by a long shot…

So long Midgard. Rok on!