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Push-to-deploy static sites with Pelican, Flask and Github

Published on 2014-01-05

After reading about how Nicolas Gallagher deploys static sites with Git, I started wanting to develop my own push-to-deploy flow to use in a Pelican-generated static site I’ve been working on. Turns out it was pretty easy to implement.

I wrote a deployer script which is basically a Flask app that receives Github webhook requests. Decided to use Github webhooks as trigger instead of a post-receive hook since the repo I was working with was in Github anyways. I also like using their code editor for quick fixes. When the app receives a hook request, it starts pulling the latest changesets. Then it runs pelican to build updated static files and put them at the path I pointed nginx to serve. Simple.

Here’s a gist of the script: https://gist.github.com/marksteve/8243318

Right now it can only auto-deploy one repo. but I’ll definitely add support for multiple repos when I get the time to.

Update: Now supports multiple repos :)