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Insync's new crib

Published on 2015-03-16

There have been lots of big changes for people I know since the start of 2015. Relationships ending and beginning, friends working out of the country, friends moving out to live in their own places and a bunch more that mind my hasn’t finished digesting yet. Another big change happened yesterday. We just moved in to our new place!

The best thing about Insync for me is the people. I have very smart and talented workmates. And I’m very comfortable to say that they’ve become good close friends of mine. The second thing I like best about Insync is our office. When I first started in Insync, we worked in a 3-floor townhouse. It was pretty chill. I walk down a flight of stairs and I’m at the office. I walk up and I’m in my room. We stayed there for more than 2 years (maybe more than 3 for earlier employees) until it got too cramped for us. We moved to White Plains which was way bigger. It had 4 rooms and plenty space for the office. It had a small lawn where we did our deadlifts and overhead presses. The back was where our bench and squat rack was. It was our own ghetto style gym. But recently, the number of people who were staying in decreased so we needed to move back to a smaller place. We found this awesome house at Xavierville Ave. and moved in yesterday. It’s two floors with 2 big rooms upstairs. It’s like the previous townhouse and the big house in White Plains merged together. Best of both worlds. I actually like it a lot. Specially the location. Katipunan Ave. is just a tricycle or a 15-minute walk away.


I started packing last Saturday. I didn’t know I had so much stuff in our office! Moving started Sunday morning around 8 AM. We moved the electronic stuff ourselves just to be safe. The moving truck carried tables, chairs and other house things.


We have lots of chairs.



I got to pick my room. There was the plain one and the baby room. I, of course, chose the baby room.


We have walk-in closets! My wardrobe is just a bunch of shirts and pants though.



We arranged the big tables to fit the living area to be our working space. Those who helped move get to choose their spot first. I now sit right below the aircon.


The last challenge for me was assembling the double deck bed. We just laid mattresses on the floor in the previous places. But the owner of the house had this around. He said he was going to send a handyman to set it up. But I like doing stuff like this so I tried doing it on my own. The hardest part was carrying the parts upstairs. Bolting it together was easy. I finished in less than half an hour.

This morning I rode a tricycle to Katipunan Ave. and got myself some coffee beans at Starbucks. Back in White Plains, I’d beg people to buy me beans on their way to the office. So yeah, I’m quite happy with Insync’s new crib.