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Feel good

Published on 2016-04-09

I’m now back to 75kg and just finished my climbing project, a 5.10a route, earlier in the gym today. Yes, I’m sore all over but this is the best I’ve felt about myself in years. So I felt like chronicling my struggle to live healthy.

I was fairly active back in grade school. I’d go out and play everyday. I biked around and took hikes to the nearby river. But then video games came to my life. And eventually the internet. I ruined my eyesight and stopped going out of the house. It got a bit better in college with all the walking in UP Diliman but I still wasn’t exercising or into any sport. I did try sports climbing for PE on the summer of my first year. That firmly confirmed how out of shape I was.

Fast forward to my first job when I can now earn money to feed myself. So feed I did! And boy did I get heavy quickly. I was never thin but I started morphing into a ball after I started paying my own bills. After a few months, my contract ended and I got my next job at Insync. I still spent majority of my waking life sitting in front of a computer screen over the first couple of years at Insync but that slowly changed.


I think I peaked at 90kg

Our CEO, Terence, started getting active and working out. And that influenced me little by little. He made me realize how important health is. It’s not about prolonging your life. You can live through the average lifetime without living healthy. You just have to be lucky. But being alive and being healthy are different. You get to enjoy life more when you’re healthy. At least for my definition of what “enjoying life” is.

At first I tried to do push-ups and barbell curls every morning in my room. Then Terence brought in some gym equipments in the office and we tried lifting. We got tired of it so I tried jogging and it stuck for a while. We moved to a new house office inside a subdivision with hilly roads which was a nice place to train.


Last stretch of a 10km run

But the guys eventually lost interest and soon after, me. I tried other exercises like the 7-minute workout but that too didn’t work out. Then a new hire came, Beato, who was into lifting. So we tried it again. First, using resistance bands before we hauled the old gym equipment to the new office. We started logging PRs and followed a program. We got so into it that we were working out most days of the week. This was when I finally saw “progress” in my body. More than losing weight, I also felt a lot stronger and it got me motivated more than ever.


Our mini gym

But lifting only continued for several months until we had to move to a new house. Unlike the previous house, the new place barely had space for the gym equipments. We were still able to work out but it wasn’t as easy as before. I knew it was over when our olympic bar started rusting. And then one fateful Saturday, Beato asked me for something we could do for the weekend. I thought of Power Up in Tandang Sora, the sports climbing gym I had my summer PE in, because it was the nearest I could think of that we haven’t tried yet.


First time to finish Finals wall

It’s been a year since and we still climb. It’s even become a passion for some of us. We finally found a sport that we really enjoy. It might change again or we might climb until our bodies allow us. It doesn’t matter. I’m now back to 75kg and just finished my climbing project, a 5.10a route, earlier in the gym today. Yes, I’m sore all over but this is the best I’ve felt about myself in years.