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Published on 2014-12-20

The year

...is almost over. I’ve always had a new blog to write on whenever I do my year-ender posts but I’ve stuck with Svbtle for this year! It just works ™

So, I basically checked my timeline in Facebook, Twitter and GitHub and stuck moments here #lazyblogging (NTS: I could totally automate this!) Here’s my 2014 by the month:


  • Got an electronic drum set
  • Moonbow
  • Joined Stripe CTF (got a participation shirt :P)


PyCon PH 2014


1962694_4063656726972_332757043_n.jpg Bacolod



10306261_10152280588741749_9072892416647349775_n.jpg Debs’ Despedida

966215_786860987990937_8760134016850328109_o.jpg TechCamp Hackathon Win!

IMG_20140518_165801-SMILE.jpg PyCon APAC

10402530_10202982794225512_7558950381386169257_n.jpg Zambales

10366114_10203003624506256_9165955105117923351_n.jpg Newspaper’d

10298446_10202743423280569_8524606347754788750_o.jpg First Docker Manila meetup


7579_10152218827209370_4889914358672190604_n.jpg Ton and Ana got engaged

10325591_10203059409580848_4024122441278898760_n.jpg TadHack Hackathon

10378980_779837038703706_3139981539371346019_n.jpg On Air!

  • Started reading “Off to be the Wizard”


10478676_10152332580664370_3499048119816744372_n.jpg Pat’s Despedida


10408007_839487222728313_6422514079961308907_n.jpg WebGeek DevCup

  • Biked from our house to UP and back!


  • Finished reading “Off to be the Wizard”
  • Got an HHKB
  • Tell the turtle


10639699_4827504062678_8602095166203609011_n.jpg Happy Birthday to me!

  • Got a new guitar
  • First gig!
  • asftf

10687984_10204071105952625_7544290180991684445_o.jpg Cebu


1010127_4891062651603_2291030911305603850_n.jpg Ho Chi Minh

10694388_10204222284892004_6420971817738544996_o.jpg Textify Hackathon

10258477_10204270895347235_1580437492891009289_o.jpg DevCon Summit


IMG_20141211_150524.jpg Sagada

  • Beer pong for the first time

This year, I also…

  • Started liking beer For the longest time, I didn’t like the taste of beer. I guess it’s an acquired taste.

  • Cut down coffee intake My stomach can’t handle it anymore. But I feel better. I sleep better. I still grab a cup every once and a while but I’m not a fan of caffeine anymore.

  • Started working out again Beato, a relatively new employee in my company, loves working out. We do too but we lacked discipline. He started pushing us to work out more since he joined us full time. First he brought jump ropes. Then we did resistance bands. Now we use our boss’ squat rack and weights set. We’ve been progressing enough that we bought additional plates! Here are my sad numbers:

    • Barbell Squats - 235lb x 3
    • Deadlift - 265lb x 3
    • Standing Barbell Shoulder Press (OHP) - 135lb x 1
    • Barbell Bench Press - 195lb x 1
  • Got into OPM indie rock I got to watch a bunch of OPM indie bands early this year at Route 196. Since then, I’ve started to listening to more indie OPM. Here’s John Arce’s Philippine Indie Music playlist:

2014 was about getting out of my comfort zone

I tried to be more socially active than I ever was and that paid off good. I met lots of people and gained new friends. I still need to work on my people skills but I could say I grew up this year, even just a little.

An early happy new year to everyone!